17-20 May 2022

04-09 October
EMO 2021

12-17 April
CIMT 2021


Melchiorreís mission is not limited only to supply machine tools: our will and efforts are addressed also to keep them in the best operating conditions, to achieve continously good results and an economic return much beyond the normal machine pay-back.

Periodic mainteinance contracts are stipulated to prevent eventual mechanical/electronic issues and to perform an advanced training to the operators, showing the latest technologic solutions.

In case of machine stop, our maintenance department is at disposal for preliminary diagnostics and istructions about how to proceed, allowing an immediate re-start of the machine in the 90% of the cases. Whenever needed, our specialists are shortly sent to customerís premises for the resolution of the issue.


Through the standard phone line and a modem already provided with the machine, it is possible to install, whenever needed, a direct link from the customerís facility to Melchiorre headquarter.
Teleservice application is commonly available to introduce any possible software optimisation or to check real-time the machine actual conditions. This solution guarantees a higher reliability of the whole sistem and a higher customerís confidence to solve any small issue shortly, with no productivity loss. A technical form is available online for a preliminary and more efficient evaluation.