17-20 May 2022

04-09 October
EMO 2021

12-17 April
CIMT 2021

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To better follow the customersí need of productivity, it is possibile to increase the hourly production optimizing the loading operations.


An automatic system to load the workcarriers to the machine (and to unload them off) is available to reduce the wasted time between two cycles.
The operator exploits the cycle time to load the parts into the workcarriers and to input them into the system which, through a well defined path, stores them on a vertical buffer.
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This operation allows to prepare an additional set of workcarriers to load as soon as the previous cycle ends. A similar operation is accomplished on the unloading side.
The parts loading/unloading, indeed, are manually performed: one single operator can hit the goal unloading the processed parts and, then, loading the raw ones into the same workcarriers.
This system guarantees a complete automation, without any human work needed, for up to three cycles.
Reliability and ease of learning how to use it are its basis.
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In case of small parts to load, the handling of which may be difficult, itís possible to install an additional system to avoid the human work and increase the speed of such operation.
Parts are taken from a tank and loaded into the workcarriers cages, exploiting several tecnologies.
In fact, they can be sorted through a vibratory system or directly handled by a robot or any other pick & place pincer, as per necessity. Once fully loaded, the workcarrier is automatically shifted into the following loader or manually placed to an additional table, situated beside the machine.