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The continous stricter and stricter market requests lead industrial companies to look for new solutions to improve their technical results optimizing the necessary efforts.

Melchiorre has been for years leader in accomplishment of these necessities, proposing customized solutions to help whoever meet his particular requirement.

Job shop service has been established originally to help people whose need is not an immediate purchase of a machine, like in case of limited production of high quality components. Afterwards, it has been succesfully proposed also to other purposes, like to accomplish the start-up of a brand new project, letting at the same time the customers’ operators learn the concepts of the new technology, to develop an R & D project in cooperation with the final user, to show the process reliability in time, and so on.

Melchiorre job shop contract service offers a series of machines of different sizes equipped with various toolings to process whatever application, material and dimensions.


After our positive technical evaluation, the quality of the process is 100% guaranteed, respecting quality, timing & special requests.

The quality of our process is controlled in an advanced metrologic room, which is completely deprived of any external interference (like vibrations) and whose temperature is controlled by environmental dust and humidity.

Metrological gauging systems installed are:

- optical non-contact flatness measurement system
- digital profilometers
- digital mechanical thickness measuring systems
- mechanical parallelism measuring systems
- certified optical lens to check the interference frindges and other systems.
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