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ELC 900


The machines series “ELC” are designed for the double side fine grinding technology. ELC is the acronym of “Electronic-Logical Control”: the pressure, in fact, is applied electro-mechanically, through the movements of a ball screw controlled at close loop by a high precision load cell (± 1 DaN). This system, exclusive Melchiorre, allows to have quick and continous regulations of the working pressure and, consequently, a perfect repeatability of the loads.

The Melchiorre “ELC” machines are built with a very strong and extremely stiff monolithic structure of steel. The traditional “C-frame” configuration let the upper wheel have just a vertical movement and, consequently, to get a higher working stability.

The oscillation of the upper wheel is automatically adjustable, optimizing the surface of contact wheels- parts under process.

The machine provides also for a patented system of measuring control IN PROCESS, that permits to check the parts during the cycle and orders its stop automatically (device resolution: 0.1 micron). This technology ensures to accomplish the quality required without any further measurement:

- FLATNESS: < 0.5 micron
- PARALLELISM: < 1 micron
- SURFACE FINISH Ra up to 0,01 micron
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Special solutions can be introduced, as well, to let the customer improve its own technological product and be more competitive in the market.
Some examples of these solutions are the convex-concave grinding (a few microns) , the use of special spacers for the contemporary grinding of pumps covers, the polishing process or lapping on the same machines etc. Moreover, through specifically designed equipment, it is possible to perform a single side grinding process, keeping all the advantages of double side machines.

Finally, Melchiorre technological package includes also the optimization of the available time through customized automations for the loading of both parts and work-carriers.

The “ELC” sizes go from 400mm up to 2000mm.

- Single Side