04-09 October
EMO 2021

12-17 April
CIMT 2021

ELC 2000


Designed for fine grinding, Melchiorre ELC machines combine the necessary elements of overall quality, extreme structural strenght and advanced electronic control systems. These characteristics produce the closest tolerances, highest production rates, simplest machine operation and lowest cost per machined part:
- Close loop electronic system for real and extremely precise pressure controlzoom.
- Rigid "C" frame construction.
- Automatic and adjustable blocking system of upper wheel.
- In process electronic sizing control.
- Independent and adjustable drives: upper wheels-lower wheel, inner carrier ring and, as optional, external carrier ring.
- Advanced thermoregulating systems.
Our Philosophy


Following the continous developments requested by the industrial market, it is always demanded the necessity to process components with higher and higher quality standard, reducing the production costs ...


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