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04-09 October
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Melchiorre company established in 1946, by Mr. Francesco Melchiorre. Keeping acknowledge about the local industry need during the 2nd World War, he focused his primary attentions on the construction of special machines tools for the automotive components, performing bore operations of piston bodies, external grinding processes for automotive components and so on.

Through the years, the industrial business became wider and wider, proposing the company products beyond the national borders and increasing the variety of the products manufactured: internal honing machines were continously developped through horizontal & vertical processes and new abrasive strokes, while the lapping technology started becoming familiar inside the company with single side machines.

In the middle of the 60s the first double side lapping machines were supplied, with an hydraulic pressure system and very stiff structure. Trying to follow every customer request, also automatic machines have been succesfully tested and provided.
During the 80s and 90s, following the development of the technology, the company changed some primary features of its double side machines, like the pressure system, switched to electro-mechanic after a pneumatic experience. The installed tooling, too, brought to a radical innovation with the use of like the conventional abrasive wheels instead of cast iron plates: free abrasive slurries have been little by little replaced by the grinding process, much faster and cleaner.
The new millenium brought a new propriety and worldwide visions. The latest superabrasive wheels technology, made of cubic boron nitride (CBN) or diamond, finally, gave birth to a new process, named fine grinding because of the extreme qualities achievable.