17-20 May 2022

04-09 October
EMO 2021

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CIMT 2021

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Melchiorre single side machines have been designed to satisfy the customers’ requests for extremely precise and controlled lapping processes of flat surfaces.
Depending on the slurry, it is possible to lap whatever material present in the industry, like cast iron, steel, alluminium, brass, quartz, plastic, ceramic, etc.
The lapping compound is distributed through a special feed system, which guarantees reliability and constant quality output in time. This feature is critical to achieve good results and our solution offers a full warranty of operations under the most widely varying conditions of the slurry fluidity, excluding any possibility of reduction or clogging of flow. Lapping plate can operate at infinitely variable speeds so, depending on the application, the operator can find addressed parameters to optimize the process.

The machine features two systems for flatness control of the lap plate:
- continous radial adjustments of the position of workholder rings (very useful for small corrections);
- adjustment through the “ring nut” at the centre of the lapping plate.
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Machines can be provided with manual pressure plates or with a special pneumatic pressure system, as per necessity. Control by PLC is available, too, also with proportional increase of the pressure.

New ergonomic structures have been introduced, in order to make the loading/unloading operations easier.
Under normal operating conditions, Melchiorre lapping machines achieve a flatness of 0.0002 mm, equal to 1 optical interference fringe.
Lapping plates can be made of special alloys, also to perform polishing processes with special compounds and diamond fluids.
Machines’ plates go from 360 to 1500 mm, to allow customers lap every part size and accomplish small & large productions